Why can the magnetic stripe save information

- Dec 08, 2017-

Magnetic stripe color and performance

Magnetic stripe can be read normally magnetic, magnetic writing and electromagnetic properties are closely related, including the slope of the saturation curve, signal amplitude, resolution, take the pulse and erasability. The magnetic stripe consists of three tracks: alphanumeric track - track 1; digital track - track 2; read and write track - track 3, the quality of the mark is mainly by the signal amplitude, take the pulse and can Erasing sex composition, in accordance with national and international standards, to measure the signal amplitude, pulse and erasability index is a relative ratio of the data.

(1) Signal amplitude: divided into average signal amplitude and single signal amplitude. Average signal amplitude means in a common magnetic card reading and writing equipment, when a certain record current in the card to write information, when the amplitude is low does not meet the standard requirements, there will be where the information should be written and did not write information , Resulting in data loss, a greater impact on the reliability of the magnetic card; single signal amplitude that when the magnetic stripe on the card is contaminated or scratched magnetic media off, resulting in failure of information recording.

(2) Take the pulse: that the magnetic stripe itself does not meet the requirements of the static magnetic properties (magnetic layer surface roughness and thin magnetic layer, etc.) or reader sensitivity to high noise when the original where the magnetic stripe is not recorded information Read out the message

(3) Erasability: Indicates the position where the message should be deleted when swiping, and the message is not deleted.

If the magnetic stripe signal amplitude can not reach the standard, then it may not be able to read and write the magnet properly, which may affect the reliability of the magnetic card. However, the magnetic stripe pulse and erasability can not meet the standard, which may make the user unable to use the magnetic card normally.