Have You Update Your Security Monitoring System?

- Jan 15, 2018-

Security monitoring equipment including aspects is more, so the device type is more miscellaneous, basically can be divided into television monitoring system, alarm control system, remote image transmission equipment products, mainly has the following categories monitoring equipment:


Cloud platform, bracket, protective cover, monitor, video amplifier, video distributor 'video switcher, picture splitter, video recorder.


Why the equipments need to be upgrade

1. Performance degradation.

The product has a period of use, the security equipment is normally updated in 5 years is better.

The existing security equipment is outdated and outdated, so it needs to be updated in time.


2. Upgrade and upgrade equipment.

With the development of security industry, network, intellectualization and high - cleaning are the development direction of this industry.

The original use of the basic is the analog camera resolution is not high, but in 20120, many ordinary simulator using effect already can not meet the requirements, that is about to use high resolution camera.


3. The system is not compatible after large-scale networking.

Along with the rapid development of China's security industry in, whether it is still to be exploited economically developed coastal cities of large and medium-sized cities in the west and monitoring alarm system is "dot", because the job needs many departments need for monitoring information for remote monitoring, monitoring and early warning in time processing.

Public security, transportation, finance, environmental protection, electric power, medical, education and other departments of the network video monitoring system is a huge increase in demand, which especially in the field of public security system and the financial demand.

If the system requires a large network of networking, it is possible to have incompatibilities. In this case, new equipment will have to be replaced.


In addition, the security products are different from other products, their application environment is bad, and they are exposed to the wind and snow.

Therefore, it is relatively easy to damage and the use cycle is shorter.