RFID Changes Life

- Dec 08, 2017-

RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, Chinese translates as the electronic label, also known as wireless radio frequency identification technology. With the continuous progress of society, the continuous development of science and technology and the acceleration of the pace of life, people in many aspects of life are asking for a quick and easy method. The electronic tag has come into being. Nowadays, electronic tags have been widely applied to modern daily life.

Take the rail transit, you only need to buy a one-way ticket with a single tag, you can easily transfer between different lines; borrow a book in the library, you no longer need to find a librarian for borrowing procedures, but only in the Automatically borrow the password on the system, and then easily borrow the books you want; in many hypermarkets and supermarkets, RFID tags can effectively prevent someone intentionally misplacing the goods without payment. In hospitals, the application of electronic tags is more extensive. For example, new-born babies are very similar in appearance, which can easily lead to misunderstanding of their babies. On television, there are often decades of hospital nurses or parents holding babies and wrongs. This has led to many family tragedies. Able to accurately identify and thus avoid mistakes. In addition, there is electronic medical records, through which doctors and nurses can know the patient's medication clearly when they rounds the room. In this way, not only health care workers' work will be organized, but also medical personnel and their families can avoid a lot of troubles.

The widespread use of RFID tags has brought a lot of conveniences to people's lives, I believe in the near future, will be applied to more and more useful places. At that time, our life will be better and people will save a lot of time doing more meaningful things