Amateur radio walkie - talkie common sense

- Dec 08, 2017-

The difference between civilian walkie talkie and professional walkie talkie

1. Walkie talkie power over 0.5W (99.99% of the market are over, except for some children's toys walkie-talkie outside), are all professional walkie-talkie. Often see the hotel and hotel / KTV and other radio used are professional walkie-talkie.

2. Civilian walkie-talkie can be used directly, but the professional walkie-talkie is required to test the radio operating permit and apply for a radio license, otherwise it is illegal. The back will introduce how to verify and how to apply for a radio license.

3. Walkie-talkie referred to as the handset, the general power of about 5W ~ 8W, car walkie-talkie referred to the car, the power can reach about 100W.

4. The range of intercom communication with the height and the antenna and the power is strong, the urban area if the floor height of 5W short handsets can reach tens of kilometers, while the first floor may be only 2 to 3 km. It is because of the distance problem has the following radio relay existence.