Electric baton instructions

- Dec 08, 2017-

Electric baton is the main electricity, since it is electricity, of course, is the need for personal electric shock, but because of the electric pulse pulse oscillation technology, electric shock will be issued when a very strong arc, the arc penetration is relatively strong, you can penetrate a few Cm coat, in addition to this electric baton in the human body will be very painful and painful. This can understand our another series of articles, "common problem with electric batons"

Baton Instructions for use:

General electric baton on the two buttons, you should not need to say more, but some people just bought, afraid of misuse hurt himself, in fact, do not worry, get the goods have to try to know how to use, nothing more than At the bottom with a master switch, when used to dial the main switch ON, push the button is the lighting switch and the shock switch, when the need to push forward a file when lighting, you can open the lighting, when the need for electric shock, Then push forward a file, see the red light, indicating that you can shock, then only need to press the circle of shock keys can shock.

Electric batons to use when to pay attention to:

1, can not be against the metal, water and other conductors electric shock, otherwise it will burn out the circuit short circuit.

2, electric batons can not be discharged continuously for too long, generally against criminals shock, just a few quick tap, that is, a press on the line, there is no need to hold it where it pops crackling Stop, that is to say, electric batons can not be used as electronic fireworks press non-stop non-stop, so that both easily damaged, the power is not as good as a press release, the general number of consecutive shocks to control less than 5 times.

3, do not use the product during charging, let the host take a rest for 5 minutes when the charge is saturated, then use the electric shock function before using the lighting function, otherwise it will affect the lamp life.

Electric baton maintenance:

Batteries battery maintenance:

Batteries are mostly nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries because the output current is relatively large, suitable for electric batons, the other longer nickel-metal hydride battery life, you can use 7 to 10 years, while the lithium battery output current is relatively small, Not suitable for electric batons; but after 2012 due to the birth of energy-saving high-voltage package to solve the problem of lithium battery power supply baton, lithium batteries and electric baton combination gave birth to a stunning 76 million volts shock voltage; lithium Battery electric baton full of light will turn green; nickel-metal hydride batteries with lithium batteries are different, nickel-metal hydride batteries have memory function, while the nickel-metal hydride batteries can not be fully charged, the charge indicator has been in a red light state, so the charging time can not Too long, otherwise it will damage the battery.