Explosion-proof camera installation note points

- Dec 08, 2017-

Explosion-proof high-speed ball one by one before the installation of power detection and coarse adjustment, can be installed after the check. Explosion-proof high-speed ball installation should be solid, solid, in the installation process should pay attention to product protection, to prevent damage to the explosion-proof high-speed ball. Before installation, power supply testing explosion-proof camera and the lens work properly and coarse and after the adjustment of the focal length, explosion-proof camera and the lens in normal working condition before installation.

Other explosion-proof camera before installation to check the explosion-proof camera holder and bracket or head mounting size.

Check the PTZ level, vertical rotation angle, check the protective cover and wiper action, check the PTZ, bracket installation size, fit before installation. Do not open the lens cover while moving or setting up the explosion-proof camera. Explosion-proof cameras, PTZ installation firm and stable. Power lines, video lines, control lines are fixed, and leave room to not affect the rotation of explosion-proof camera is appropriate.

After the initial installation, power test, the fine wind inspection of the various functions, observe the monitoring area of the image quality, meet the requirements and then fixed. All Ex-proof camera cables and power cords should be fixed, and do not make the plug withstand the weight of the cable.

Explosion-proof high-speed ball for the explosion-proof camera to ensure that the lead out of the cable leaving more than 1m margin to prevent the impact of cable explosion-proof camera reserved place to work.

All explosion-proof cameras in the installation process, through the portable monitor for power test and fine tune to ensure image quality in line with regulatory requirements, to ensure that the monitoring position and design intent match.

Explosion-proof camera lens installation location Choose to avoid direct sunlight, backlight installation, must be backlit installation, the choice of the monitoring area of the light contrast control within a minimum. In each outdoor with Yuntai explosion-proof camera installed video signal arrester, data signal arrester and power arrester. In each outdoor fixed explosion-proof camera with video signal arrester and power surge arresters. Front-end monitoring point to set waterproof equipment box.