Infrared camera

- Dec 08, 2017-

It has the following characteristics:

1, the temperature-sensitive, according to the temperature into the image, quantitative identification of temperature data, and user-defined temperature alarm limit. Both the infrared temperature of the forest image display, but also the temperature data at the same time, there are abnormal temperature alarm signal output.

2, when the alarm triggers the alarm, and generates the alarm trigger signal to the backstage equipment through the RS232 / 485 mouth.

3, can completely penetrate the smoke, partially attenuated penetrate the dense fog.

4, do not need visible light, image clarity even more than during the day at night.

5, fast response, 50HZ images per second output.

6, the monitoring area, the infrared thermal imaging monitoring head working state, the passive detection of all targets in the screen infrared radiation, which has 76800 detector units, while measuring the whole picture of the 76800 image point temperature data into a temperature Distribution of thermal images, the detection angle of horizontal 24 o, vertical 18 o, effective detection area and distance. Infrared thermal monitoring head belongs to the area array detection equipment, monitoring area is extremely large.