Fingerprint recognition technology

- Dec 08, 2017-

Biometrics is a computer-based recognition technology that can authenticate anyone within a relatively short period of time based on biometrics such as fingerprints, iris, palmprint, face shape, and DNA through a multi-finger recognition algorithm. Fingerprinting belongs to a kind of biometrics. Biometrics, which identifies or confirms the identity of the fingerprinting by collecting fingerprint images, is based on the principle of reading the fingerprint image through the image taking device and then using the computer to identify the software, Extract the fingerprint characteristic data, and finally obtain the recognition result through the matching algorithm.

Because human fingerprints are invariant and unique, fingerprint recognition technology has become the most widely used recognition technology. Therefore, fingerprint authentication technology is a secure and reliable system that can replace the traditional security system based on passwords, keys and documents, and does not need to remember the password, no need to carry documents, fingerprint is the proof of identity. In recent years, the worldwide application of fingerprinting technology has been expanding at an explosive rate, such as the social insurance fingerprint authentication system being implemented in Shanghai, the e-ID card with fingerprinting features in Hong Kong, and the like, and has been applied to a wider area.

Fingerprint recognition technology, mainly used for personal identification, can be widely used for attendance, access control, PC login authentication, personal data security, e-commerce security, network data security, ID card, credit card, airport security checks, criminal detection and arrest of criminals Wait. Has introduced a new generation of fingerprint attendance system, rolling fingerprint acquisition system, and has been a degree of application. Especially the fingerprint time and attendance system, fully embodies the modern advanced management thinking, the use of fingerprints attendance not only solved the attendance and strict system of commuting problems, and attendance system to the market, some users have a good response, fingerprint attendance system The implementation of fingerprint time and attendance system, not only established a good order of work, but also set a advanced management concepts, to solve the over the years to use other attendance and attendance Methods, problems that have not been solved, has greatly demonstrated the power of fingerprint attendance and its superiority.

With the maturity and industrialization of fingerprinting technology, it can be widely used in such fields as "Golden Shield Project", banking, securities, college entrance examination identity verification, social endowment insurance identity verification, fingerprint access control lock, etc. Its promotion will have great social benefits and Economic benefits, with broad market prospects.