Access control system features

- Dec 08, 2017-

As a subsystem in the field of security, access control will not disappear. Since 2014, the smart access control / door lock market has entered a phase of rapid development. With the development of the city and the improvement of people's safety, the smart access / The demand for door locks is gradually increasing.

The application of access control system not only brought a lot of convenience to our life, but also made us obtain the safety guarantee. In the digital era of progress, the market demand for access control controller is increasing rapidly, and its effect is obvious.

Improve security: the designated area of grading, access control at different times, restrictions related to free access to key areas, according to staff positions and work nature to determine the level of access and allow passage of time, the management of some important areas such as banks Vault, subway control room set a variety of ways in and out to meet the better security requirements in the region to prevent theft and theft.

Improve management efficiency: Through the Central Management Center in real time to understand and set the status of each access point, reducing personnel patrol costs. System can record events in real time, to facilitate the production of a variety of personnel management reports such as attendance, scheduling and so on.

Can be integrated with other systems: with fire, alarm and other systems integration of a unified security platform to achieve early warning of accidents, to prevent all kinds of dangers. When a disaster enters a fire, the system automatically opens the door to the control area to facilitate escape. Combined with monitoring system, access control system can automatically switch the shooting screen linkage, the need to monitor the part to monitor and video.

The advent of a large security era prompted a large number of innovative enterprises into the blue sky of intelligent security, intelligent access / door lock technology tends to mature, sales continued to grow, the mobile phone to open the door as a modern favorite way to open the door, it eliminates the need for a single function Of the open media, cut open the media lost the trouble, you can also choose to have visitors feature.