Application Of Fingerprint Identification Technology

- Dec 08, 2017-

Fingerprint recognition belongs to a kind of biological features. Fingerprint images are extracted through a camera and input into a computer. Fingerprints are then identified through a series of complex image processing and pattern recognition algorithms to complete an ID card process. The fingerprint identification system can be widely used for fingerprint attendance attendance, security Confidentiality, security certification, criminal detection of public security, fingerprint access control, banking, social pension insurance and those who need to be used for identity authentication units and departments. Due to the development of information technology, the financial security and the requirements of criminal reconnaissance and criminal investigation, there are various needs. Traditional password-based identity authentication technology can not satisfy the security requirements of these industries more and more. In this case, using biometrics for identity authentication is a necessary requirement for implementing security measures in China. Through the establishment of a database of human biometrics, this technology has been applied in public security, finance and military industries to safeguard the security of national economy, military affairs, national defense and the security sector as well as the protection of citizens' property and personal safety.