Room Door Smart Locks And Access To Public Areas Intelligent Access Control Difference

- Dec 08, 2017-

Some people do not know, the difference between room / door lock and access control in public areas, and now we take the hotel room door locks and office public area access to make a simple comparison:

Hotel room door locks

The choice of hotel room door lock mainly consider the cost of the problem, the general hotel room door locks with 5v battery, the door lock to maintain normal work, such as battery replacement battery can be replaced. Such locks do not work day to day, especially low energy consumption, and only start the moment in the lock to open the current, so you can ensure low power consumption, extend product life, reduce cost output.

Office public entrances and exits access control

Compared with the hotel room door locks, office public entrances and exits access control installation is relatively large, such access need to pull the public entrances and exits the access control system to provide a stable power supply to ensure the normal and stable system work. Under normal circumstances, the number of people carrying an office building from thousands to tens of thousands, the safety of entrances directly or indirectly affect the entire office can operate normally. Security and stability has become the primary condition for purchasing office access products, in addition also need to ensure that personnel access to information uploaded to the management platform.

Through some simple comparative analysis, I believe that layman to access and door locks have a certain distinction. At present, people are more and more pursuing "safe, convenient and efficient". There are more and more intelligent access control / door lock manufacturers in the market, but there is not a relative standard regulation in the market to guide the entire intelligent security industry to get on the right track , The future market will usher in a major reshuffle, those who drift, no technical content, but the quality of the manufacturers will be eliminated by the community.