Electronic Patrol System

- Dec 08, 2017-

It is a means for the manager to see whether the patrolman has arrived at the designated place by patrolling the route at a given time. Patrol system to help managers understand the performance of patrol officers, and managers can change the patrol route through the software at any time to meet the needs of different occasions.

The patrol point on the patrol route at the key points, security patrol in the process of using patrol sticks to read their personnel point, and then read the patrol point by line order, read the patrol points During the process, if an incident is found, the incident point can be read at any time, and the patrol stick saves the patrol point number and reading time as a patrol record. Regular use of cradle (or communication line) Patrol stick patrol records uploaded to the computer. Management software will set the patrol plan in advance with the actual patrol record comparison can be patrolled missed inspection, error and other statistical reports, through these statements can truly reflect the actual completion of the patrol work.