Infrared Camera Troubleshooting

- Dec 08, 2017-

1, waterproof and heat dissipation is not satisfactory:

With a long time, the infrared camera inside the more or less will appear in soft drinks (this phenomenon is mainly concentrated in the northern region), the main reason for this phenomenon is the shell sealing effect is not enough and did not take into account when installed installed temperature. When the infrared light starts to work will have a lot of heat, at the same time due to the Department of shell cooling effect is not enough, it will greatly reduce the life of the surveillance camera, to solve this problem can actually consider the camera shell made of multiple trunking structure, This is conducive to heat dissipation.

2, night vision is not ideal:

The main manifestation of this phenomenon is the effect of the flashlight or distance is not enough and so on. In fact, this issue is mainly caused by the angle and function of infrared light, infrared light used in our infrared cameras, also known as 850 infrared emission tube, the peak wavelength of 850, the angle from 5-60 degrees to choose from, when the infrared emission tube angle The smaller the irradiation distance, the more obvious the effect of flashlight, on the contrary, the larger the angle there is no flashlight effect, but the distance is greatly reduced.

3, the daytime color reproduction is not enough

Infrared camera color will be more or less color cast during the day, the most direct reason is the camera filter problem, the general infrared camera can use a certain percentage of infrared light through the double-peak filter, the advantage is the cost Low, but due to natural light contains more infrared components, when it enters the CCD will interfere with the color reproduction, such as the green plants turn gray, etc. (sunny outdoor environment is particularly evident). IPCUT dual filter effectively solve this problem, IRCUT dual filter consists of an infrared cut-off filter and a full-spectrum optical glass, when the daytime light infrared cut-off filter work, CCD reduction The real color, when the night light is insufficient, the infrared cut-off filter automatically removed, full-spectrum optical glass began to work, so that full use of CCD to all light, thereby greatly improving the infrared performance.

4, the repeated transition of the critical point

This is because part of either the IRCUT double filter or the double-peaked filter does not work stably under some complicated lighting conditions.