Few Points For How To Choose A Good Walkie-talkie For Yourself

- Jan 18, 2018-

Here are few points on how to choose walkie-talkie.

Are you a fan or a company?

What environment do you use?

What is the range of calls?


After you confirm these three factors, it is very easy to choose the intercom.


First of all, if you're an amateur, you can choose an amateur walkie-talkie, commonly known as a walkie-talkie.

This kind of amateur walkie-talkie is very maneuverable and is suitable for hobbyists to explore its functions for fun.

If it's a unit, you don't have to think about it, the direct professional is the most straightforward.


Then, the environment is very important, which directly affects the distance of the intercom, and of course the power of the intercom is also an important factor.

The city should belong to more buildings and more vehicles.

There is a lot of shielding.

As a result, the average 5w power interphone has a distance of 1-3 km in the city.

And in this 1-3 km is the theoretical communication distance.

Can you imagine that crowd cities have the same density as countryside?

In countryside, you may have reached a communication distance of 3 kilometers.

In a crowd city, it could be only a kilometer away.

Of course, if you talk on the plains again, the communication distance could be 10 kilometers.


Therefore, the communication environment is very important.

If you are in a crowd city environment, and want to reach the range of about 2 kilometers, you can choose high power rate walkie-talkie.

You can also choose a high gain antenna for the walkie-talkie.

The communication range can be said to be related to the environment.

What is the range, what environment, and then you can choose what type, power intercom, depending on the situation.