How To Set Up You Security Camera And Arrange The Positions

- Feb 02, 2018-

Monitoring equipment installed in the home is no surprise, but one thing is a lot of people ignored, is about the layout of the cameras, many people believe that the outside of the home, most at home with a camera can be finished, but it is not so simple.

What is a good spacing monitoring layout?

We might as well look at the extensive experience of chengdu monitoring and installation in the installation of monitoring equipment for others, how to layout household monitoring.

The monitoring and installation in chengdu believes that there are three points of attention in the layout of household monitoring.

First, in the living room, room to install the home network camera, the installation position should be in some corner.

In this corner, you should be able to see the entrance and most of the interior.

At the time of installation, the network camera should be able to rotate in a vertical direction.

Second, the focus of the household monitoring layout is the installation of the alarm probe.

The detectors include door magnets, infrared detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors and so on, and can be connected to a network camera alarm interface.

In this way, when you encounter a police situation, you can call the alarm and send a text message to the host.

Third, implement remote video monitoring installation.

The network camera can access the home router with wireless or wired network, and then access the broadband network through the router, and the video legend will be connected to the public network, which is monitored by video.

It is often necessary to apply for a domain name and bind the domain name to the router so that you can remotely access the family's video image and save video and pictures in the matching VCRS.

Of course, finally, it is the company with good reputation to install, because it will determine whether the installation is professional enough, and it also determines whether they can provide good after-sales service.